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SC 20/12 V

MVE CryoShipper Series featuring Advanced QWick™ Technology

Regular Price: $1,377.00

Our Price $1,080.00

Quick overview:

For Shipping Specimens in Dry Vapor Shippers - These shippers charge in less then 2 hours with the NEW “Advanced Qwick Technology”.

 MVE CryoShipper Series Catalog Cut Sheet 
 Vapor Shipper Instruction Manual

Regular Price: $1,377.00

Our Price $1,080.00



MVE Vapor Shippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures. Manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, both series employ a hydrophobic compound which absorbs the liquid nitrogen to ensure dry, spill-free vapor-phase shipping. A protective shipping carton is available (optional) for all models. These containers may be used to ship your samples with a “non-hazardous” classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.

Features Include:

• Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping
• Low liquid nitrogen consumption
• Convenient lightweight package

Accessories & Parts:

• Spare Canister | P/N 14353851
• Spare Cork and Cover | P/N 20747311
• Protective Shipping Container | P/N 11912460
• Black Cap for Vacuum Plug/Port | P/N 3911217

For Shipping Specimens in Dry Vapor Shippers. These shippers charge in less then 2 hours with the NEW “Advanced Qwick Technology”. All shippers will continue to be MDD compliant and will provide equivalent time performance as the previous traditional Vapor/CryoShippers, and significantly better holding time than the QWick series.. 

This unit comes with a cork and cover assembly and 6 canisters (11" in diameter).  All other accessories and boxes not included. Shipping container not included. 


MVE LN2 Cryoshipper Series Specifications

* Static evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate and holding time will be affected by the nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufaturing tolerances.
** With center absorbent canister (3 week holding time)
+/- Useable Height

TWO Year Parts Warranty / THREE Year Vacuum Warranty

 MVE LN2 Cryoshipper Series Diagram


MVE SC 20/12 V | Part Number 11005317

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