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MVE Lab 10

SKU : 10740281

List Price: $698.00

Our Price $533.00


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For Liquid Nitrogen Storage Only - If you are storing samples (vials, canes, boxes, blood bags, etc.), please see SC Series, XC Series, or Cryosystem Series.

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MVE Lab 10

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The Lab Series cryogenic liquid dewars are named for their acceptance in laboratories and medical facilities worldwide. These high efficiency, super insulated dewars are the most convenient, economical way to store and dispense liquid nitrogen. Many lab units can be fitted with pouring spouts, pressurized dispensing devices or dippers to aid in the transfer of liquid nitrogen.

Features Include:
Optional Accessories & Parts (Not Included)
Part #
Designed for efficient storage of liquid nitrogen Spare Cork & Cover (Newer units 2.2" dia.)
• Low liquid nitrogen consumption Spare Cork & Cover (Older units 2" dia.)
• Convenient lightweight package
Pouring Spout 10937438
• 10 liter capacity (without inventory) Manual Discharge Device 2 1/8" neck - after 12/78) 10668101
• Cork & Cover LN2 Withdrawal Tube (Brymill)
  Spare Rubber Plug
  Spare Rubber Plug for Pour Spout 4710067
  Rigid Dipper
  Swivel Dipper 20593015


MVE LN2 Lab Series Specifications

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MVE LN2 Lab Series Warranty

MVE Lab 10 / Part # 10740281

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