Extended Time XT Cryogenic Refrigerators

The Worthington Industries Extended Time (XT) Series of cryogenic refrigerators is designed for extra-long term storage of biological material at liquid nitrogen temperature.

Five models provide alternatives between portability, sample storage capacity and holding time to fit a variety of storage needs.

LN2 applications range from industrial to laboratory, biological and non-biological material. Low provile (XTL) models are avalable for applications where a shorter unit is needed.

LN2 Refrigerator Features:

  • Ribbed, high strength aluminum boyd, magneformed necktube design and durable paint
  • Conveinent canister numbered index location ring and tapered internal canister locator
  • Locakble Lids

Optional accessoires include:

  • Low level alarms for passive monitoring of liquid level
  • Roller Bases for ease of movement
  • Measuring levels inside the refrigerator

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11 Item

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