Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars offers several different types of cryogenic storage units. There are two main types of liquid nitrogen containers: Liquid Nitrogen Dewars, which are used to store liquid nitrogen (LN2), and Cryogenic Dewars, which are used for biomedical storage of samples using liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant.

The Liquid Nitrogen Dewars are typically referred to as the Lab Series, whereas the SC, XC, Doble, and CryoSystem lines are Cryogenic Dewars.

The CryoSystem series are typically the only liquid nitrogen storage containers to use cryoboxes to store media. All other models typically use canisters and canes. Not every cryogenic storage dewar is the exact same; some have larger holding times, some have better evaporation rates, others have different holding capacities.

Regardless of what you use, our MVE cryogenic storage equipment is top of the line, most units come of a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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