MVE Fusion Series

Introducing the MVE Fusion Freezer, the world's first self-sustaining cryogenic freezer. The MVE Fusion is a refrigerated liquid-based bio-storage freezer, similar in appearance and construction to a Chart High Efficiency LN2 freezer. The design of the MVE Fusion is to provide cold storage capabilities, with no need for liquid cryogen during normal operation. The MVE Fusion can be used in remote locations, isolated rooms, high elevation facilities, and facilities with little or no vacuum jacketed pipe infrastructures. The MVE Fusion does not require constant LN2 supply.

Features include:

  • Self-sustaining
  • Dry sample storage
  • Lowest liftover height
  • Two tier folding step
  • TWO Year Standard Warranty | FIVE Year Vacuum Warranty

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1 Item

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