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  • Cryogenic storage equipment retailer, Cryogenic storage equipment service,Biomedical repository equipment retailer, Liquid nitrogen product sales, MVE biomedical freezers and dewars
Liquid nitrogen product retailer,liquid nitrogen

    MVE BioMedical

  • Biomedical repository equipment service, liquid nitrogen, water tank, MVE XC Series Dewars, Dewar Accessories, Cryogenic systems installations, Cryogenic systems service, Liquid nitrogen product service container homes

    The best just got better!

    New MVEHEco Series Freezers are the most efficient vapor
    freezers and provide maximum storage density!
    20% reduction in LN2 usage
    Hinged work surfaces fully enclose wiring and plumbing
    Dry sample storage
    -190 c top box temperature
    Maximum storage density and
    the industry's longest hold time
    and highest sample security
  • Cryogenic storage equipment service , Cryogenic freezer validation,  Cryogenic systems installations,  MVE Doble Series Regular, MVE CryoSystem Series, cryogenic gloves liquid nitrogen, cryogenic instrumentation
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