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In the past there have been many questions as to the XLC vs. MVE product line. What is the difference and what are the similarities? I will attempt to answer this as completely as possible.


Product lines used to be known as XLC xxxx but were changed to MVE xxxx to keep the MVE name in product after MVE was bought by Chart. So XLC 1211 became MVE 1211.


BIO I Uses MVE 230 Gen 2 tub
BIO II No longer produced
-Used MVE 511 Gen 2 Tub
BIO III Uses MVE 611 tub
BIO IV No longer produced
-Used MVE 1211 tub
BIO IV Gen2 Uses MVE 1411 tub
BIO V No longer produced
-Used MVE 1841 tub
BIO V Gen 2 Uses MVE 1841 Gen 2 tub


Used mainly by breeders
Except where noted, available as basic or full auto with GB and BB

MVE 140
-No autofill available
-No annular lines
MVE 230
-No autofill available
-One annular line
MVE 230 Gen 2
-Taller version of MVE 230
-Autofill available
-Two annular lines
MVE 810
-Neck opening ID is 3” smaller than tub ID
MVE 1370
-Neck opening ID is 4” smaller than tub ID
MVE 1830
-Offset neck (HE style)
MVE 1830 2T
-Two level variant of MVE 1830


MVE 511 no longer produced
-Loosely based and XLC 500 cabinet model
-Several used produced as XLC 510
-Used drop in lids
MVE 511 Gen 2
-Makes the 511 more like the 611
-Enclosed wiring
-Common parts
-Shorten lift over height
MVE 611 Was never produced as XLC 611
-Non cabinet version of MVE 600
MVE 1211 Old style open top
-Loosely based on XLC 1200 cabinet model
-Exposed cables
-Uncommon components
-Will be discontinued in near future
MVE 1411 Was never produced as XLC 1411
-Non cabinet version of MVE 1400
XLC 1840 No longer produced
MVE 1841 No longer produced
-Stretched version of XLC1840
MVE 1841 Gen2
-Made the 1841 more like 1411
-Enclosed wiring
-Common parts


XLC 500 No longer produced
XLC 1200 No longer produced
MVE 600 Shares tub with 611
MVE 1400 Share tub with 1411


Has offset neck for improved performance
-150C vapor performance

MVE 810HE Older version no longer produced
-AKA MVE 810HE Gen1
-Most would have been called XLC 810HE
-Based on stock series 810
-12-2 rack capacity
MVE 810HE Current production
-Was called MVE 810HE Gen 2 at one time
-Based off MVE 810 Eterne
-Slightly larger than MVE 810HE Gen 1
-Same capacity
-Enlarged neck for easier sample access
-12-2 rack capacity
MVE 810HE+
-Stretch version of MVE Eterne but is not validated for -190C vapor storage!
-14-2 rack capacity
MVE 1520HE
-Based on an old XLC 1520 stock series (no longer produced)
-Several produced as XLC 1520HE
-13-2 capacity
MVE 1520HE+
-Stretch version of MVE 1520 Eterne but is not validated for -190C vapor storage
MVE 1520HE Gen 2
-Rectangular dividers provide more storage space
MVE 1520HE Gen2+
-Stretched version of MVE 1520HE Gen2
MVE 1830HE
-Current production models are “2004” variants
-Lower lift over height
-Ergonomic lid handle
-Folding two level step
-All “2004” variants had older versions with same nomenclature except for “2004”
MVE 1830HE 2004
-Stretched versions of MVE 1830 stock
-13-2 rack capacity
MVE 1830HE+ 2004
-Stretched version of the MVE 1830 Eterne but is not validated for -190C vapor storage!
-15-2 rack capacity
MVE 1830HE Gen2 2004
-Rectangular dividers provide more storage space


Based on HE series
Has aluminum turn tray

190 vapor storage
Used to be called HE-190 i.e.; MVE 1830 Eterne was MVE 1830HE-190

MVE 810 Eterne
-Based on MVE 810HE
-12-2 rack capacity
MVE 1520 Eterne
-Based on MVE 1520HE
-13-2 rack capacity
-Some produced as MVE 1520HE-185
MVE 1830 Eterne
-Based on MVE 1830HE 2004
-13-2 rack capacity