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Lab 10

For Liquid Nitrogen Storage Only - If you are stor

$ 659.00

SC 20/20

For Specimen Sample Storage - Typically used for s

$ 1030.00

Millenium XC 20

For Specimen Sample Storage - Typically used for s

$ 846.00

CryoSystem 2000

For Specimen Sample Storage - Used for when sample

$ 3360.00


For Shipping Specimens in Dry Vapor Shippers - Cha

$ 2971.00

Dura-Cyl 180L LP

Has NO Rollerbase - Footring Bottom Holds 180 Lit

$ 2433.00

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Welcome to! Here you will find first rate, 24/7 customer service, and a giant selection of Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars, Cryogenic Dewars, Liquid Nitrogen Valves and Accessories, and resourceful information on liquid nitrogen freezers and LN2 applications.™ is proud to unite specialized cryogenic storage tanks and liquid nitrogen storage supplies with the ease and convenience of the internet in our new store.™ is your source for cryobiological storage equipment & accessories and biomedical storage supplies manufactured by Chart Industries MVE®, Simport®, Brymill®, Gordinier®,GFG Instrumentation® and Planer®.After browsing our site we hope you reach the conclusion that buying at™ is not only buying from a cryogenic storage supply store but purchasing from a company who has extensive knowledgein the field of specialized biological storage technology and cryopreservation systems. If you have any questions about any piece of Chart Industires MVE equipment, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-232-2796.Please send any suggestions or problems you have encountered to our feedback department.™ is a partner company of Princeton CryoTech, INC., an industry leading cryogenic design and engineering company in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. Our engineers are part of an experienced and well-trained staff that have designed and installed Liquid Nitrogen Storage systems and cryogenic repositories at facilities such as Merck, Rutgers University, New York Blood, Lockheed Martin, Bristol Myers Squibb, Glaxo Smith Kline, Schering Plough, Amgen, Ortho-PCC and other stem cell, fertility and biomedical clinics. Princeton CryoTech, INC. has earned a reputation as a reliable, high quality engineering firm in the field of applied cryogenics, cryobiological systems and cryopreservation. Our team has experience in the design and installation of cryogenic systems in a variety of formats: